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Discover the latest innovation in office design with our range of Booths and PODs. Engineered for optimal acoustics and noise reduction, these offer secluded environments perfect for meetings, consultations, and private appointments. Transform your open office layout into private sanctuaries by exploring our diverse selection of Personal Phone Booths, Meeting Booths, Meeting PODs & Booth Seating. With their ability to convert unused spaces into individualised retreats, they’re a wise investment for any workplace.

Need added soundproofing? We’ve got you covered with optional floor installations to ensure maximum privacy. Call us today on 0800 612 4174 and tell us your requirements, and we’ll handle the rest.

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Design Services

Our CAD expertise and deep understanding of contemporary work settings, we provide unbiased assistance in crafting and planning your Office Booths and PODs layout. Benefit from our tailored solutions designed to optimise your quiet workplace environments.

After discussing your objectives in our initial consultation, we’ll conduct a comprehensive survey. This includes capturing initial dimensions and identifying the positions of windows, radiators, doors, columns, and other elements critical to optimising your office space create the quiet areas accommodate Office Booths and PODs.

Our office design process spans four stages: Consultation, 2D & 3D Layouts, Fully Rendered Visuals, and Animated Walkthroughs. These steps are designed to empower you in maximising the potential of your new office space when looking add office Booths and PODs.

Stage 1 Consultation​
Stage 2 2D & 3D Layouts
Stage 3 Fully Rendered Visuals
Stage 4 Animated Walkthrough

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Please call us on 0800 612 4174 to discuss your design requirements in more detail, alternatively email details of your requirements together with a plan/layout of the area if available to info@boothsandpods.co.uk.

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